April 9, 2014

E2B dictionary download for mobile

E2B dictionary download for mobile, E2B dictionary, bangla E2B dictionary, bangla dictionary,E2B dictionary is a little Jar/zip/java software/application for mobile that has some cool features. In the screenshot of e2b dictionary you  can see it has some important “Surrah” translated in Bengali and English both as well as English to Bengali dictionary/ translator. The e2b dictionary has some colored theme also , you can choo

    Requirements: All Java, J2me supported mobile phone. Like Nokia,Samsung,Symphony, even china mobile, just make sure that the phone is Java supported.

    Features: This English to Bengali dictionary is comfortable with both 240X320px & 320X240px screen resolution.

    Size: 197.2KB

   Format: .jar/Java
 E2B Dictionary for mobile

Format: .zip/Java
  E2B Dictionsary for Mobile


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