January 11, 2014

The result of JSC ,JDC, SSC,Dakhil,SSC(Vocational) HSC,Alim,HSC (Vocational),HSC(BM),Diploma commerce,Diploma Business Studies etc

The result of JSC, JDC, SSC, Dakhil, SSC (Vocational) HSC, Alim, HSC (Vocational), HSC (BM), Diploma commerce, Diploma Business Studies etc: September C, JDC, SSC, HSC, all test results, including higher tech: Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC), secondary school certificate (SSC), Higher school certificate (HSC) and others academic result published here. If not, here it comes again Click করুন FOR RESULT( ফলাফল )

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